Pond Test Cases

Busch Ponds

WQS installed a HONU® Water Circulation System for testing in a fish pond near Deary, ID. The HONU® was in the water from late June until late September 2017. During that period, WQS tested B.O.D. rates on a weekly basis. Also during that time, the University of Idaho Fish and Wildflife Department conducted weekly tests on the aquaculture and the overall health of the pond.

The results of these tests are pending.

University of Idaho Golf Course

A unit was installed in the water trap on Hole 7 at the University of Idaho golf course on the Moscow campus on May 23, 2016 and has been continuously running since. In just two months, water clarity and aquatic animal activity were greatly increased along with the elimination of surface algae growth. These results can be compared to the water trap on Hole 1, which did not have a HONU® installed at that time and is connected to the Hole 7 water trap by an underground culvert. The images displayed here of both water traps were taken on the same day and time.

Hole One: Images taken prior of installation of HONU®

Hole One: Pond after use of HONU® for one month

Hole Seven: Pond after use of HONU® for two months

Waste Water Lagoon Test Cases

lagoon test one

Test 1

Two first generation systems were placed in one of the large waste water ponds located in Cascade, Idaho from June 2011 through March 2012 to help decrease B.O.D. rates (the pond required four units, but it was tested with only two). The incoming B.O.D. rates averaged approximately 143 over the eight months and the outgoing B.O.D. averaged approximately 32 (August 2011 through September 2011 the units were turned off for lagoon maintenance).

lagoon test two

Test 2

A test was conducted on a private waste water pond located near Harrison, ID over the period of May 2014 through August 2014. Utilizing the new design (HONU®), a single unit was placed in the smaller of two retention ponds on the Kootenai High School campus. Prior to installation, the pond was heavily infested with blue-green algae over the entire surface. Within 2 hours, the HONU® was breaking up and eliminating algae. Within 48 hours, the algae were gone and water clarity had greatly improved.

lagoon test three

Test 3

A single HONU® unit was placed in the finish waste water pond at Silverwood Water Park, Athol, Idaho, from August 2015 to October 2015 to test for efficiency in reducing B.O.D. rates and mixing the pond. The test was conducted in conjunction with existing surface tiles previously installed to control surface algae. The results were excellent with the pond mixing under the tiles, breaking up solids, lowering B.O.D. and decreasing odor.

Golf Course Pond Test

Tests were conducted in Post Falls, Idaho during the early summer and fall of 2011 to determine the impact of the Water Quality Solutions on a fresh water pond on the Prairie Falls Golf Course. Prior to installation of the unit, the pond was heavily infested with blue-green algae, was murky and the fish were coming to the surface for oxygen. Birds were perched on the wires above the pond waiting for the fish to surface for oxygen. After only two weeks, the clarity of the water improved from approximately 2 inches to over 12 inches, the blue-green algae was gone, the water running between the upper and lower pond was clear, the odor was gone and the fish no longer were coming to the surface.

Duck Hunting Pond Test

A test was conducted on a duck hunting pond located in southwestern Idaho in the vicinity of Hagerman. The problem to be solved was to keep the pond free of ice during the winter months in order to increase the hunting days on a private duck hunting facility. The unit was placed in late fall of 2011 and was run continuously until late spring of 2012. The Hagerman area is known for very cold winters with ice forming fairly early, thereby making the hunting season limited from December through February. The pond remained open throughout the winter months and, in fact, seemed to attract birds to the quiet bubbling area around the unit. The result was increased hunting opportunities for members throughout the traditionally down months of winter.

Private Fish Pond Testing

A test was conducted on a private fish pond located on Mt. Spokane, near Spokane, Washington during the fall and winter of 2011 and 2012. The pond was newly constructed and was stocked with small fingerlings in the summer months. For the three months prior to the introduction of the system, the water was very murky and the fish did not seem to be doing well. The unit was put into place in October and within two weeks the water clarity had improved substantially (from 6” to over 24”). In November the fish were evaluated by an expert and it was found that they had doubled in size and their eyes and scales were very healthy. Tests of the water indicated a substantial increase in the oxygen levels throughout the pond.