Honu 650Major Features of the HONU® System


Technology Description Floating, Electric Powered Circulator for Freshwater and Waste Water applications. Utilizes a motor driven impeller to develop a vortex for moving water throughout the pond or lagoon.
Size and Weight 6 foot diameter and approximately 150 lbs. (fully loaded)
Water Movement Approximately 6.5 to 8 million gallons per day
Construction Materials High Density Polyethylene body and legs, stainless steel shaft, and aluminum impeller
Power Required 120 volt, 240 volt, or 3 phase power source located near pond or lagoon. Internal control box provides 12 volts for remote control.
Motor Self-contained, water-proof, 1 hp running at 114 rpm @ 550 inch lbs. torque
Control Box Has a power receptacle that provides a shore connection with a marine locking system in the unit body and a remote control with on/off switch for the HONU® motor.
Wiring Corrosion resistant and water proof industrial wire with molded and watertight connectors all inside of a waterproof control box
Flotation System Six polyethylene legs, which provide flotation and protection for the impeller
Vortex Impeller turns at approximately 114 rpms to develop a gentle water vortex reaching towards the bottom of the pond and moving water in a slow and even circular motion from the bottom to the top.
Minimum Operating Depth 24 inches minimum operating depth
Anchoring Two tether lines with snap hooks to the machine, cleat shore attachments, moving weights along the lines for maintaining tethering lines and power cords below the surface
Accessories Available Impeller Guard
Warranty Limited 1 year parts and labor
Impact Area 300 foot radius from center of unit in all directions

The Water Quality Solution

The Process