A Proven Non-Chemical Solution Using Vortex
Circulation For Better Pond and Lagoon Health


  • Golf Courses, Parks, Fish and Wildlife Ponds
  • Homeowner and Neighborhood Ponds
  • Waste Water Ponds and Lagoons
  • Dairies, Stockyard, Hog Farm, Horse and Cattle Ponds
  • Pre-Treatment Municipal Water Systems


Eliminates Reduces Improves
  • Blue-Green Algae
  • Odors
  • Mosquito Breeding Areas
  • Ice Cover
  • Need for Chemicals
  • Ammonia
  • Pathogens
  • Phosphorus
  • Effects of Fertilizers and Chemicals
  • Fish and Wildlife Habitat
  • Water Quality
  • B.O.D. Rates
  • Water Clarity
  • Oxygen
  • pH
Note: The HONU® does not eliminate plant growth such as Azolla and Duckweed.

Honu downward view drawing Honu side view drawing

Made in America

Honu working in a watertrap

"The HONU® Water Solution is one of the best systems for cleaning ponds that I have seen in over 20 years of waste water and water management consulting. I needed some type of equipment to circulate a wastewater lagoon. The HONU® was the perfect solution. The problem was resolved within 24 hours and continued to improve the water quality over the ensuing days. Seeing Is Believing! I am now a true believer in the HONU® System."

Jason Wereley

CEO & Certified Water, and Waste Water Consultant, Trainer and Operations Services Specialist

E-3 Consulting, LLC
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814

The murky waters before and cleaner watesr after Honu use at the U of I Golf Course

"A breakthrough product. I have not seen anything quite like it. You drop it into the pond and see results within 24 hours. Zero Chemicals. Minimal Cost."

Darren Lantzer

Tshimakain Creek Lab Manager

Spokane Tribe
Wellpinit, Washington 99040

Before the HONU installation 1 hour in 2 hours in 4 hours in 48 hours in

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Successful Cases and Testing

  • University of Idaho Golf Course Hole Seven Water Trap — Moscow, ID
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture - Pathogen Testing
  • Cascade, Idaho Waste Water System - B.O.D. Testing
  • Buckeye Hunting Club, Hagerman, ID - Icing
  • Prairie Falls Golf Course, Post Falls, ID - Algae & Clarity
  • Verburg Dairies, Modesto, CA - Dairy Lagoons
  • Private Fish Pond, Mt. Spokane, WA - Fish Health and Water Clarity
  • Kootenai High School, Harrison, ID - Algae and Clarity
  • Silverwood Water Park, Athol, ID - Waste Water B.O.D. and Mixing

Present Clients

  • University of Idaho Golf Course Hole #7 — Moscow, ID
  • City of St. Maries Waste Water Facility — St. Maries, ID
  • City of Deary Waste Water Facility — Deary, ID
  • City of Arco Waste Water Facility — Arco, ID
  • Hutchings Farm Irrigation Pond — Springville UT

HONU is Hawaiian for Turtle. The HONU® is a floating circulation system that looks like a turtle in the pond and provides outstanding cleansing power making stagnant ponds healthy

A versatile product that meets your needs... HONU®

The perfect solution for small to medium sized ponds and lagoons.

  • Low maintenance and servicing due to a state-of-the-art, compact motor.
  • Remote controlled operation
  • Simple installation — weighing approximately 150 lbs, is as easy as unpacking the unit, dropping it into your pond and plugging it in
  • Incredible power — lifts 6.5 million to 8 million gallons of water per day utilizing a 1hp gear-motor running at approximately 114 rpm.
HONU Sticker